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We know how important it is to our customers to 'buy local', which is why we have launched our range of locally produced cheeses from across the Home Counties.  Please note that we require a minimum of three days notice for this range of artisan cheeses.


Berkham Blue

Barkham blue is a very individual looking cheese from Wokingham. It has a rich blue taste, smooth buttery texture with a melt in the mouth flavour. This is a multi-award winning cheese, that is not to be missed.

Spenwood Ewe

An unpasteurised sheep’s milk cheese fully matured for six months with a natural rind. It has a well developed nutty flavour. Made in Berkshire by Anne Wigmore Hard and seemingly dry, the cheese is creamy in the mouth, melting to release its distinct sweet caramel flavour, which is superbly balanced with acidity. With age, the flavour of ground nuts becomes more pronounced. Suitable for vegetarians.


Made with unpasteurised Guernsey cows milk on the Hampshire/Berkshire border, this brie style mould ripened cheese has soft golden yellow colour beneath a white mould exterior. Suitable for vegetarians.


Produced by Anne Wigmore of Village Maid Dairy situated near Reading, this brie style cheese is made with unpasteurised ewes milk and vegetarian rennet. This cheese has a soft open texture with a delicious mild creamy flavour. Suitable for vegetarians.



Tunworth is a soft, creamy cheese, made in Hampshire using unpasteurised cows milk. It uses special cultures and a traditional rennet which combines to produce a creamy textured unique flavour with a distinctive wrinkled rind.


Oxford Blue

A full fat soft blue veined cheese using pasteurised cows milk and vegetarian rennet. Oxford Blue, first produced in 1993, was originally only sold to Oxford colleges. Robert Pouget an irascible French baron resolved, after 10 years selling cheese at the Oxford market, to create a more French style blue cheese as an alternative to Stilton.

Luscious, moist and creamy, Oxford Blue is aromatic and spicy wit a wet, sticky rind rather than the drier, rougher Stilton crust. Suitable for vegetarians.

Oxford Isis

Developed with the express intention of competing with French washed rind cheeses such as Epoisses, Affidelice or Soumaintrain, Oxford Isis is made by using a fresh cheese as the base product. This is then sprayed and ripened with Oxfordshire honey mean over a period of time, during which the cheese alters in character and matures to a creamy consistency and develops a pronounced flavour and flowery aroma. Suitable for vegetarians.


Isle of Avalon

Isle of Avalon is a Port Salut cheese from France that is transported across to Surrey where it is washed in wine to create the pungent rind-washed cheese that it is. It is a semi-soft, pasteurised, cow’s milk cheese.


A young Caerphilly cheese from Somerset made with pasteurised cow’s milk. The cheese is sold to Eastside Cheese in Surrey who wash it in Kentish white wine and herb solution made to an ancient recipe and sprinkled with lemon berbena and matured for a period of 1-2 months. Caerphilly is a semi-hard cheese which originates in Wales and was very popular with Welsh minors who would take it to work and eat it like cake. The cheese is very salty and it must have seemed an ideal way to replenish the salt lost through sweat whilst working at the coalface. Suitable for vegetarians.

Wedmore Smoked

Smoked Wedmore is a traditional Caerphilly style crumbly cow’s milk cheese made by Chris Duckett at his farm at Wedmore near Bridgewater in Somerset. A line of herbs runs through the centre. The cheese is smoked in kilns over wood chippings which adds to a subtle oaked smoked flavour.

East Sussex

Flower Marie

Produced in Sussex using unpasteurised ewe’s milk, this is a small cube of semi soft full-fat white vegetarian rinded cheese. It has a delicate melt in the mouth smooth texture and sweet lemony fresh creamy flavour. It is produced by Kevin and Alison Blunt at Greenacres Farm outside the village of Golden Cross.

Golden Cross

Recognised as one of the finest natural-rind goat cheese on the market, Golden Cross is a soft hand-made raw goats milk cheese log from East Sussex with a light delicate flavour. Although manufactured in England, Golden Cross is made according to a traditional French Sainte Maure recipe. The logs are dusted with charcoal before being left to mature for 4-5 weeks, when they develop a tangy flavour and creamy texture with a velvety-white coat. Suitable for vegetarians.

Lord of the Hundreds

Made using raw milk from Friesland ewes, this modern, hard cheese is ladled into baskets and is left un-pressed, giving it an open texture and a unique shape. It is then rubbed and turns every other day during the 6-8 month maturation period, distributing moulds and encouraging a light grey crust to develop. Suitable for vegetarians.

Scrumpy Sussex with Cider

Scrumpy Sussex is made with raw British Friesian cows’ milk and mixed with herbs, cider and garlic. It is a rindless hard cheese which has been matured for three months and has an open and bouncy texture.

Olde Sussex

Olde Sussex is a traditional hard British farmhouse cheese, made with raw British Frisian cows’ milk. Although a hard cheese, if has an open and bouncy texture and is superbly butter-rich in colour. The batches are gently rubbed and turned every other day to encourage a light crust to develop, which over the course of the four-month maturation period develops into a grey to mid-blue natural rind with a wonderfully earthy flavour.

West Sussex

Ashdown Foresters Organic

An organic semi hard cheese with a sharp buttery character and obvious salt notes and threshold savoury and lemon back notes firm body fairly open texture.

Duddleswell Organic

From the High Weald Dairy, West Sussex Duddleswell is a full fat matured hard cheese made using pasteurised organic ewes milk. After maturing for at least 5 months the cheese develops a smooth creamy texture and a delicious nutty flavour.

Sussex Slipcote Plain Log

From the High Weald cheese makers of West Sussex this mild fresh tasting organic ewe’s milk log has a light creamy texture with a slight sharp lemony flavour. The name is derived from old English Slip - meaning little piece and Cote meaning cottage.


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